How to save money on your hotel this Valentine’s Day

How to save money on your hotel this Valentine’s Day

There are several ways you can save money on your hotel this Valentine. During Valentine’s Day, many people travel to different places for them to celebrate love. You will also like out show love to your partner, but you will still prefer saving some money so that they can boost you after you are back home. There are many hotels available which vary when it comes to their prices. You can choose the hotels wisely and access affordable accommodation, you can use 10% off hotel discount. There are several factors you should take into consideration if you like to book the best hotel where you can save your money this Valentine’s season.

How to save money on your hotel this Valentine’s Day:

1. Keep an Eye Out for Deals and Coupons

Among the easiest ways, you can save your money during Valentine’s Day is to take advantage of coupons. Most of the luxurious hotels offer coupons. You will just apply the codes during your booking process, and you can end up paying much less. Apart from accessing the coupons at the official website of the hotels, you can as well check the coupons and other deals on affiliate sites which deal with coupons. The coupons are among ways the hotel management will like to attract more people or even reward regular customers. You can stand a chance of spending less after the price reduction. If you like to save your money, you should always check out any possibility of a coupon and apply it in your room booking process. It makes it easy for you to save money which you can use to buy gifts and other treats for your loved ones.

2. Join Rewards Programs

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There are some hotel chains which offer reward programs as a way of attracting more people to stay in their rooms. You can take advantage of such offers for you to save a lot during this Valentine’s Day. There are several such hotels spread all over the world; it is upon you to do some research online after which you will book the hotels. You should start your research early because other people can as well discover the trick and you end up finding the hotels have been overbooked. Some hotels will have offers which will give you points on each pay you will make. You can later redeem the points for different rewards which will save you money in the long run.

3. Consider a Hotel Credit Card Offer

There are several credit card offers you can take advantage at this Valentines seasons. Some hotels have programs where you can access free stay after you use your credit card to pay for the services. The deal can be found on hotel affiliate programs among other areas. Just carry out extensive research online, and you will locate the deals. They may seem to be simple deals, but you can end up spending some days free at the hotels if you will follow the directions offered on the reward programs. The terms and conditions of the deals keep on changing; it is upon you to check on the conditions and stay informed for you to avoid embarrassments after you have booked your hotel room.

4. Choose Your Location Wisely

Staying in a hotel located in the heart of the town will cost you more. You can save a lot of money if you move a bit remote. The hotels which are located on the outskirts of town will receive fewer visitors, and they will tend to have low rates. They have quality rooms for you to enjoy romance with your lover, but you will pay less. Even if you will have to drive for some miles, the cost of traveling to the outskirts of town is less when compared to staying in a highly rated hotel at the heart of the city. If you will like to enjoy yourself in given destination, you can as well look for hotels located on the outskirts for you to remain with some money after the treat.

Tip: Use’s ‘radius’ feature when searching for hotels. If you expand the radius, then you can find more budget-friendly hotels on the outskirts of your location of choice.

5. Compare hotel prices

Each hotel has its policy. You can find two 5-star hotels offering different prices. If you are after saving your money, then you should ensure you carry out enough price comparison before you book any hotel for your Valentine’s Day stay. Apart from comparing the hotels’ prices, you should as well check on the price of the facilities available. For example, you will have to eat at the hotel among other treats. If you love a particular game such as golf, you should check the charges before you settle on a given hotel as the best for you to stay with your lover. There are some activities you love; you should pay more emphasis on comparing the price of such facilities in your hotel before you make the final decision.

USAToday has a good resource for finding comparison sites and apps:

6. Book in a group

If you will like to travel in a group, then it is better for you to book in a group. You can have one of you pay for the rooms so that you can stand a chance of accessing some discounts put in place for those who will book more rooms. If you are traveling with a group of friends where each of you will like to enjoy certain group activities during Valentines Day, booking rooms in the same hotel or a hotel room with several beds will be necessary for you because you can end up saving a good amount of money.

7. Revisit the Same Hotel

You may have traveled to a certain location before, to save on your travel to the same place. You should make a habit of booking the same hotel. It creates a sense of loyalty to the hotel which will make the hotel management consider you for free services. They will contribute towards saving you money in the long run. There are some hotels which have special features to reward recurring customers; you can take advantage of such hotels and save big on your valentine’s day. Some people will feel Valentine is a day to spend and show your lover you can do anything for him or her, but saving is necessary because the money can be spent somewhere.